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Loners Clan Suzanna Fitzgerald

Loners Clan

Suzanna Fitzgerald

Published March 27th 2012
ISBN : 9781613469170
336 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The shadow of the Arzkek moved across the world in unstoppable waves, soaking the land in blood, worshipping at the demon haunted alters of pagan gods. But far to the north, on the boundaries of their land, these imperials tentatively control a realm of a giant mountain range- the Yorthani Mountains. The people were beaten and oppressed, but one by one the young men fled. There was nowhere for them to go, nowhere save deeper into the mountains, where giants and monsters dwelt, where the cold and the elements were as great a danger as the predators. There the strong survived- there the free became wild and the courageous predators. There they became loners. But when their people call out, when ancient prophesies become flesh, when a madman takes the throne, when enemies must become allies, then the loners must become brothers and raise a last standard for freedoms cause.