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Mind Blow: Understanding Consciousness Sufi George

Mind Blow: Understanding Consciousness

Sufi George

Published March 10th 2009
ISBN : 9781885570406
184 pages
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 About the Book 

The secret of personal power, the power to create or change our reality, lies in understanding our consciousness system. These secrets are now all out in the open! Students of Sufi George say: This system literally saved my life! For the first time, I have a sense of hope! I used this system to turn my career about face! The first system tht makes perfect sense! Here, for the first time in such clear language, is an actual model of consciousness that shows each component and how they work together. Youll be guided into a clear and insightful understanding of what our consciousness is and how it works. Youll see that you can develop skills that will literally change your reality! Derived from leading edge scientific discoveries and from over 40 years of personal exploration in consciousness by the author, these articles give you the insights needed to understand the model and to confirm its reality and truth within yourself. Sufi George is regarded as an American Sufi master.