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Skin Ted Dekker


Ted Dekker

Published August 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781595545121
448 pages
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 About the Book 

What the hell? I just... what?Took this book home hoping Id found another Stephen King, or at least a poor mans Dean Koontz.Koontz he is not. King he definitely aint.The characters are not likeable- their backstories are cookie-cutter and very little time is devoted to their development. I escaped a cult and now Im afraid to touch men She used to be a child model He dabbled in the occult for a while His mom thought he was ugly Very vague and doesnt generate any emotional connection or intrigue.I kept hoping this book would get better, but after the first line, it just kept getting worse. In case youre curious, the first line is:When the rain isnt so much falling--be it in bucket loads or like cats and dogs--but rather slamming into the car like an avalanche of stone, you know its time to pull over.Even thats not thrilling, but it generates the expectation that were going to have a first-person narrator who is at least maybe a little sarcastic. This did not happen. Its all third-person, sometimes to a confusing degree (Which she are you talking about, Dekker? Quit making us guess!).I kept hoping wed find out that these characters had some deep dark secret that connected them all, but the way in which they are really connected was pretty stupid (and also predictable). The science used to explain their experiences is pretty much a deus ex machina and was not believable at all. Maybe Dekker was trying to be tricky, but there are so many ridiculous hints dropped that Im guessing most intelligent readers will be like me and guess who the killer is the second he is introduced, then dismiss him because surely no author of a so-called thriller would make it so moronically obvious, then find out, nope, you were right in the first place and Dekker is just a hack after all.The killer has some kind of obsession with ugliness that the book never really explains, although it spouts some inane, vague, generic drivel that Dekker apparently THINKS is explaining. I can tell that Dekker thinks the books message is really mind-blowing, but its really not. In fairness, I didnt realize Dekker was known for Christian thrillers until after I read the book, so perhaps he feels obligated to shove some sort of message in, but honestly it was not necessary for the plot and in fact may have irrevocably ruined an otherwise potentially salvageable story.I have no idea what the hell is up with the ending. Maybe its supposed to be a cliffhanger. On the other hand, the characters seem to know what happens next and what they have to do, but I sure as hell didnt get it, so maybe there is a convoluted explanation that can be found only in the brain of Ted Dekker. All I know is that it made me angry and I wish there was a way to demand a refund of the hours I spent reading this book.