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I Prefer Girls Jessie Dumont

I Prefer Girls

Jessie Dumont

Published 1963
125 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

From the back cover:My name is Penny Stewart and Im a lesbian.I didnt know thats what I was until I moved to Greenwich Village and encountered Marcella. She showed me, all right, and pretty soon we were living together.All things considered, life was pretty good - that is, until I met Bernice. Then I began to understand how Marcella felt about me, because thats exactly how I felt about Bernice. I had to have her.Only one thing was different. Bernice wasnt a lesbian. So I planned her seduction carefully. But I didnt count on trouble from her fiance, Mark Hughes. Nor did I count on Marcellas jealousy and my own desire that soon grew into an obsession I couldnt control and which threatened to destroy us all in its violence.